Since the latest twitter issues due to Space Karen, I got myself a Mastodon account and I must say that, so far, the experience has been extremely positive, possibly due to the fact that most of the people I follow are well behaved nerds who care about sharing good vibes. If you also feel like joining, please take a look at Join Mastodon and see for yourself.

Anyway, I found myself pretty soon in the need to automate my posts. I have a telegram channel where I post music I like and I wanted to automate cross posting from there to my Mastodon account and I did it with IFTTT using a WebHook component for Mastodon.

For now, I just want to document how easy it is to post to Mastodon. All you need is an http client. I’ll be using curl in my examples but you can of course use anything you see fit.

curl --request POST  \
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer your-auth-token-here' \
  --form 'status="The Crusaders: \"And Then There Was The Blues\" #music"' \

This is the general form of the request. In other words, we’re making an http POST request where the body is the equivalent of submitting an html form with a status field whose value is the actual text we want posted on our timeline. Just be careful with the quoting going on inside the status field.

As for the authorization header, you need to get an authentication token from your Mastodon server instance. In my server, it’s under Preferences -> Development. I just have to select New Application, fill a little info about my app, select only write:statuses as the permissions I’m granting and, once created, the token will be visible in the app info under Your access token.

You will also need to replace with your server’s hostname.

This is it. You’re welcome.