Senior Developer, Alten Spa; Rome, IT — 2022-current

Maggioli2023Development of the new global search infrastructure based on an event streaming architecture.gcloud, kafka streams, java, spring boot, microservices, mongodb
Aruba2023Development of the new billing infrastructure based on an event streaming architecture.k8s, kafka streams, java, spring boot, microservices, prometheus, grafana
Paydo2022Development of the backend infrastructure on AWS for Plick, a payment service.aws, lambda, s3, sqs, typescript, nodejs

Senior Developer, Dedagroup Spa; Rome, IT — 2020-2021

Terna2020-2021Development of the electrical power infrastructure web monitoring console. Near real time sensor data from the electrical infrastructure from Italy and nearby countries is ingested into the system for visualization on an admin console presenting different widget types.k8s, iot, java, oracle, spring boot, microservices

Software Architect, Nexse Srl; Rome, IT — 2003-2019

Established in 2000 by 5 shareholders, Nexse was employing more than a hundred IT professionals until it was acquired in 2018. In this company I’ve covered different roles: system administrator, teacher, senior developer and eventually software architect.

Eden Viaggi2015-2018Design, development and maintenance of the Product Catalog, Flight Cache, New Travel Agents’ Portal, Hotel Connectors.java, osgi, fuse, orientdb
Vodafone Automotive2014-2015Design, development and integration of the Fleet Portal.java, osgi, fuse, oracle
Postecom2013Design and development of the Motorist’s Portal (Portale dell’Automobilista).liferay, java, oracle, portlet
Betbull2011-2012Design and development of the new betting platform.scala, java, neo4j
Nexse2011Established a Task Force in the company called SWAT (Software Architecture and Technology) with the objective of producing internal tech counseling and to diffuse innovation through teaching and tutoring.
Gioco Digitale (Bwin Italia)2009-2011Design and development of high concurrency B2B SOA architectures for the backend gaming platforms. Specifically, I overviewed the AAMS (the state gaming monopoly) integration, resellers and gaming servers.jboss, j2ee, osgi, karaf, spring boot, microservices, oracle
Matrix (LA7)2007-2009Design, development and maintenance of the pay per view platform LA7 Carta Più backoffice.j2ee, oracle
Tin.it2005-2007Development and stress test of apache modules implementing AAA mechanisms. Development of frontend and backend capacities allowing for the online sign up of Alice users. Development of a platform for provisioning, delivery and accounting of digital contents.java, c, apache
Sun Microsystems2004-2005Development of patches for putty and openssh allowing authentication on the UNIX servers of TIM employees through a Smart Card. Assessment and load testing to verify dimensioning of a proprietary CRM J2EE platform.c, putty, openssh, pkcs11
Wind2003-2004Installation and configuration of a Sun Cluster HA system hosting the Empower Interactive UK MMS gateway server which we were providing assistance for, in Italy, at the time.solaris, sun cluster

System Administrator, TPS Srl; Rome, IT — 2000-2003

A medium sized company with two offices in Rome, TPS gave me the opportunity to advance my knowledge of networks as well as advanced web development.

Teacher, IAL; Frosinone, IT — 1999-2000

IAL is a Regional Training Institute where I held courses on Multimedia Content Editing, Networking and the Internet.

System Administrator, Flashnet Srl; Frosinone, IT — 1996-2000

One of the first Internet Service Providers operating in Italy, Flashnet had a dial-up access node with hundreds of users in Frosinone. I operated the Unix servers and checked the operation of network services. I also partecipated in a development group of three tier web applications.


Since the very beginning of my professional career I mainly worked with open source software, which has given me a better understanding of its community, processes and strengths. I am passionate about technology, innovation and usability and I’m always on the lookout for new ways to advance my productivity and the quality of my work.


  • Protocols and Network Analysis Tools
    • TCP, IP, UDP, ICMP, ARP, DHCP, DNS, POP3, SMTP, HTTP, SSL, TLS, SSH, N-Map, Wireshark, NetCat, HPing, STunnel
  • Programming
    • Languages
      • Typescript, C, Java, Scala, Groovy, Objective C, Perl, Python, PHP, sh/bash scripting, Javascript
    • Framework, Libraries
      • NodeJS, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Camel, ActiveMQ, CXF, OSGi, SOAP/Jaxws, REST/Jaxrs, JMS, XML, DTD, XML Schema, JSON, JSP/Servlet, EJB, Cocoa
  • Cloud
    • AWS: CDK, CloudFormation, Lambda, EC2, S3, EBS, VPC, RDS, Route 53, ELB, CloudWatch, SNS, SQS, Systems Manager, …
    • Google Cloud
  • Persistence
    • RDBMS Design (E-R), Oracle, PL/SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL, Hibernate, JPA, Spring Data, JDBC, Voldemort, Perl/DBI, BerkeleyDB
  • NoSQL
    • MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, Neo4j, OrientDB
  • Virtualization
    • Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift, Podman
  • Server Software
    • Bind, Postfix, Dhcpd, Apache Httpd, Tomcat, Nginx, Kafka, JBoss AS, Weblogic, Artemis/ActiveMQ, ServiceMix/Karaf/Fabric, Sun Cluster, OpenLDAP
  • IDE and Editors
    • Intellij IDEA, Visual Studio Code, XCode, Eclipse, vi/vim, XEmacs
  • Build, Continuos Integration, Deployment, Quality Control
    • NPM, Yarn, Maven, Gitlab, Nexus, Hudson/Jenkins, Puppet, Sonar, Gradle, Ant, GNU make
  • Versioning Tools
    • Git, Mercurial, Subversion
  • Operating Systems
    • Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, Android