Here is a list of software I use every day that is essential in everything I do.

firefoxweb browser
thunderbirdemail client
telegraminstant messaging
signalsecure messaging
alacrittyterminal emulator
joplinnote taking
bitwardenpassword manager

Firefox is a great browser and probably the single piece of software I spend the most time with. It’s free, open source, it descends from the ashes of Netscape and Mozilla and isn’t as evil as Chrome. I’ve also given a try to Vivaldi recently and it’s pretty good: the things I liked the most are the Chromium engine, extensions compatibility and the integrated email client.

Thunderbird is also a descendant of Netscape and Mozilla and, despite not having yet a unified inbox, it works great and has all the features I need. I have quite a few mail accounts configured in it and it’s as smooth as olive oil.

Telegram I find much better than Whatsapp. I just wish most people would throw away Whatsapp and join the much better alternative.

Signal is what I use whenever I have to exchange sensitive information like passwords, credit card info, etc.

Alacritty is my terminal of choice. It keeps things simple, it’s blazing fast, the defaults are just perfect. What’s not to like?

Joplin is an amazing note-taking app which is available for every platform and its sync features make it perfect for switching between computers and phones. I have so much stuff in Joplin.

I have used KeepassXC since forever but recently switched to Bitwarden as it’s also open source, free, available on all platforms and the cloud sync feature is also free and essential to me.

These are my choices. I’m not saying they are good for you. I’m just saying I couldn’t live without them.