These are all originals of mine. They are all available for free. When a song is based on popular chord changes, it is so indicated in parenthesis. An audio sketch is also provided where available.

  • Black Mambo (Mambo Inn) [pdf]
  • Blue No (Blues) [pdf]
  • Conspiracy Theorist [pdf] [audio]
  • Englewood Cliffs (Blues) [pdf]
  • Heavy Lifting [pdf]
  • I Left My Heart In Via Cilicia (Out Of Nowhere) [pdf] [audio]
  • Life Is A Song [pdf]
  • Mirko’s Mood [pdf] [audio]
  • Monk Walked In [pdf] [audio]
  • Panic Attack [pdf] [audio]
  • Some People Are Just Born To Be Left Alone [pdf] [audio]
  • Soul Reaper [pdf]
  • Stack Overflow [pdf] [audio]
  • Standard Procedure (Rhythm Changes) [pdf]
  • You Grew In My Heart [pdf] [audio]

I update my scores from time to time so make sure to check back for the latest versions here. Thank you.